It seems like every time I write this I need to update it all over again.

I’m a 26 year old kid making life up one day or project at a time. I spent a year preparing myself in every way possible to serve in the Peace Corps in West Africa in a term of service that ended up being terribly short. My deployment to Sierra Leone was abbreviated by the widespread outbreak of Ebola.

What was supposed to be twenty seven months of service was reduced to only two months of brief cultural exposure. After being withdrawn from the country on the last day of July, my life has seemingly been in a state of continuous flux and experiment, but balanced perpetual growth and opportunity.

After Sierra Leone I spent two weeks hiking the John Muir Trail in California with a few Peace Corps friends; the pristine marquee segment of the Pacific Crest Trail between Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. I followed my trek on the John Muir Trail with a month-long cross country road trip. Ten people in a 1995 Chevy Sierra Van seeing much of the Pacific Northwest, several national parks, and covering over 8,000 miles en route to a 4-day 40 person reunion of evacuated West African Peace Corps trainees.

After concluding the road trip, I spent a quick month back home in Sacramento, working and planning out the next immediate step. By the end of October, I was on a flight to Erbil, Iraq, to work as an English teacher in a historically unstable region.

I stayed in Iraq until having a far too close call with a car bomb that shook the city’s stability and claimed a few casualties.

Since then, it’s been Kyrgyzstan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, a two month sojourn in Yangon, Myanmar, Malaysia, and back to northern Iraq.

Everywhere I’ve been the people are wonderful, the experiences are amazing, and the lessons are endless!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Dawson, I’m really excited for you but i will also miss you like crazy. Ok i just wanted to post something.

  2. Hey Dawson, I’m interested in speaking with you. I’m a journalist with NBC News and working on a story about the evacuation of Peace Corps due to the Ebola outbreak. Can you please email me at aliza.nadi@nbcuni.com to get in touch?
    Take care! and Thank you very much!

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