The imposing Palace of Culture in Iasi, Romania. Although the modern building is less than a hundred years old, it stands on the location of the former medieval court, and the former building’s foundation can be seen below ground in certain places. The building was built in a Neo-Gothic style and construction was halted during World War I due to a lack of supplies. Today the Palace of Culture houses several small museums, such as the Museum of Moldavian History, and an exhibit on the Cucuteni Cultures, a Neolithic culture that disappeared during the Bronze Age.
Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare, the main thoroughfare of Iasi, looking towards the Palace of Culture
Iasi, Romania
Manastirea Ortodoxa, Orthodox Monastery in the center of Iasi
The clock tower of Sighisoara in Transylvania. Dotted across Transylvania are the “Seiben Burg”, seven cities that were settled by Germans and have a maintained a strong influence of Germanic culture, particularly in architecture. Sighisoara is the smallest of the Sieben Burg, but one of the best preserved. 
Brasov, Transylvania. Brasov is also one of the Sieben Burg, significantly larger than Sighisoara, and tucked away in the southeast corner of Transylvania. Brasov is a launching point to some of Romania’s most popular ski resorts, as well as Bran Castle, which is deeply intertwined with the folklore of Count Dracula, and Peles Castle, the historical residence of the Romanian royal family.
The Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania. The Palace is reportedly the world’s heaviest building, weighing more than 4 billion kilograms. It is also the largest administrative building in the world. 
Stopped on the train between Bucharest and Brasov. Several miles up the route a strong winter storm felled a stand of trees, bringing all trains to a halt for several hours while the rails were cleared. Apparently it is a very common occurrence in Romania during winter. 
Street corners in Bucharest
Street corners in Bucharest
Lake Cismigiu Park in Bucharest

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Dawson. You do an excellent job of photography——catching the heart of locations, of a culture, of history, etc, etc.

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