Indulging in Obsession Part 2

So after a two-week sojourn in Penang eating as fabulously as I probably ever have, having the best Indian food of my life (with the exception of fabulous home/family cooking in Punjab)….. I’m back to the high rise playground that is Kuala Lumpur…. thought I might as well share some more photos and information for one of the gems of Southeast Asia.

First off, my joint-favorite (Petronas Towers had to share), the Ilham Baru Tower. Newly finished at 978 feet tall.




Some others….

IMG_2420 IMG_2417

The Troika Towers….


The beautiful Islamic-influenced Dayabumi Complex….

IMG_2372 IMG_2370 IMG_2367

Merdeka Square and Masjid Jamek…

IMG_2378 IMG_2379

Petronas Tower 3 (876 feet tall)….

IMG_2359 IMG_2356

And of course… the Petronas Twin Towers….

IMG_2353 IMG_2364IMG_2362   IMG_2444



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