Life one update at a time

Life and reality in a tird world country changes quickly. Just a day ago all of us were sharing the pros and cons of our site visits. Today everything has changed. I’ll keep this quick and brief…

Today at about 5:45pm local time we received word that Peace Corps headquarters in Washington DC had ordered the indefinite evacuation of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia because of the Ebola crisis. We have no idea what our timeline is on potentially coming back into the country, and we all have far more questions than answers. All non-profits and international aid organizations are fleeing the country en masse, with very few exceptions. Peace Corps has developed a strong reputation as being one of the most resilient and tough organizations, staying in questionable situations until a crucible is reached. Apparently that point has come. There are serious cultural hurdles to overcome before Ebola can be conquered nationally, and regionally, these are lengthy to address, and I could do so if anyone is interested. That said, I have little time to expand on the issue. For the assurity of our collective safety, Peace Corps has decided to remove us all regionally. I’ll be in contact soon!

2 thoughts on “Life one update at a time

  1. I am happy to see that Peace Corps made the good decision to pull you out on time – it’s good to see that some leaders have courage to make difficult, but timely decisions. My thoughts are with the people of Africa, but I am happy you are out of there for now at least. Welcome home, Dawson!

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